Shoe Master Pattern Generation Software

technology-img1Shoe Master is widely accepted as the best in footwear pattern generation. Using patented technology it has revolutionised the designing of patterns by enabling the transfer of highly complex designs onto a wide range of last shapes.

Nestor Automatic Cutting Technology

technology-img2A high-precision system, Nestor enables the automated cutting of leather, linings, and sponge and synthetic materials. Using proprietary software combined with a powerful vacuum system and multi-tool head, Nestor enables precise and highly efficient production of uppers.

Insole CadCam Milling System

technology-img3Using software which is updated regularly in Germany, our CadCam system is one of the best milling systems available in the European market today. It is an integrated system which enables the insole to be designed, modelled and milled in a computer-controlled environment. Every insole is completed by hand to ensure the best fit for the patient.